Kateriai BUSH Stormbringer

Kateriai RIB BUSH Stormbringer

RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) are classified as rigid unsinkable motorboats with inflatable sides. They are the most dynamically developing class of inflatable motor craft. Having all the positive aspects of having a rigid bottom, RIBs have many unquestionable advantageous characteristics over rigid motorboats: from rigid boats they have inherited complex, but effective hydrodynamic contours, which are impossible to achieve with “soft” inflatable bottom. But from good old “inflatables”, they got multi-sectored inflatable buoyancy tube surrounding the rigid bottom. That renders them totally unsinkable without the expense of useful inside space of the boat that would be used for air pockets, polyfoam layers, etc.
Because RIBs have relatively soft sides, they are irreplaceable as rescue boats, especially out on the sea in a relatively close proximity to the shore. They are also very convenient and stable boats for divers and as service boats for any events and competitions out on the water. Having increased reliability on the sea than their inflatable cousins, and having the ability to operate in shallow waters, RIBs have recommended themselves as excellent coastguard vessels that can be used in any weather, and as a rescue vessel in extreme situations.
RIBs are used by amateurs no less than they are used by professionals. Most of the time, fishermen use RIBs for fishing out on the sea. It is totally safe to fish almost at the “sea level”, even out in the open sea. This boat with stationary, covered, and selfdraining cockpit is not endangered by flooding of the deck; they do not have as great windage as inflatable boats do. RIB is an unsinkable and spacious category of crafts. Another distinctive feature of RIBs that attracts the attention of amateurs and sportsmen is that RIBs are high-speed, maximally safe, and the most importantly – affordable boats. They have a noticeably lower cost for the same size than rigid boats, because less of expensive plastic is used. RIBs are also capable of having as powerful motors as rigid crafts have. Such convenient characteristics of RIBs grab the attention of more and more individuals each day.